a reason to celebrate (hill)

i know i said i don’t celebrate holidays much, but i do celebrate — inwardly — tax day! this year, i dropped off my tax prep at my accountant’s on april 7th. i know, not great. but better than some years. (i’ll try harder next year, denis, i promise!)

they worked their magic and i picked the packets up on april 13th. mailed them off on april 14th with NO LINE at the post office!

my friendly local postal center inside of a beautiful gift shop is one of my favorite things in mill valley. the owner lisa always greets us warmly and by name, reminiscent of NORM! lisa lavishes daisey with caresses and little pieces of treats for daisey’s little teeth, and invites daisey to come behind the counter, leash-free, to indulge her. and lisa always knows the best way to send everything. her shop is stocked tastefully with pretty stationery, coffee-table and inspirational books, jewelry, candles, lotions and potions, etc, with the postal section off to the side. the whole place exudes small town niceness.

two reasons to celebrate: getting my taxes mailed on time, and my happy little visits to lisa’s lovely store: http://www.allwrappedup.com


About hillarah

my dad gave me my first camera in high school, a sturdy black minolta. i found my gift, my voice, my way to be with the world. after journalism school, i swashbuckled as a photojournalist for over a decade. moved home to norcal to be near family and started a boutique stock photography agency, see jane run. life had other plans. my camera lived mostly in the closet for nine years. last summer working on a film in france and spain, my camera became my friend again. and now, it's like rekindling a long-lost love. now with more wisdom, more freedom. pure joy.
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