i dream of jamie (hill)

yesterday i was feeling playful and posted on facebook “i kinda have a big crush on jamie oliver.” i just LOVE him. he’s bold, brazen, hardworking, charismatic, funny, making a difference, down to earth, and cute! lo and behold, jamie visited me in my dream last night …

in my dream, i met jamie on the side of the road — i was a new crew member or something. we met and he *saw* me, avatar style. as in, his essence saw my essence. his strength saw my strength. his vulnerability saw my vulnerability. his courage saw my courage. his heart saw my heart. i rode in his car for awhile and we got to know each other, joking and jabbering away to the next shoot. “i’ll see you later,” he said. later in the hotel lobby, we met and walked in the garden for hours. talked, laughed, played tag and teased like kids. he asked me how old i was, and i said, “i’m 29 … and 18 … and 7 … and 45 … and 98.” he got it. and we just looked in each other’s eyes, no need for words.

next day i rode my beach cruiser to his event at a swimming pool. i was early (in real life i’m never early). ran into his daughter’s friend who loaned me his daughter’s bikini, and somehow i looked great in it (the beauty of the dreamworld)! my entrance into the pool was from the high dive, an expansive swan dive ending with a tuck and a flip and a half with a graceful splash. (i was actually a child high diver … a coach wanted to train me for the olympics until ear trouble became serious.) i swam and i swam, then jamie jumped in. swimming with jamie was like swimming with the dolphins, sheer joy.

in my dream we remained fast friends for a very long time because we really *saw* each other, listened to each other, and loved each other truly.

if it’s true that all the characters in one’s dream are the dreamer (psychology term = projection), then the message i take from this dream is to draw upon my “inner jamie oliver,” the parts of myself that jamie represents to me: strength, capabilities, humor, wisdom, courage, will, charisma, boldness, gifts …

thank you jamie, for all that you are, and for being my dreamtime friend. (ps – i’m eating my veggies!)


btw, jamie won the one and only 2010 TED award. visionary, bold, inspiring. see him here:




About hillarah

my dad gave me my first camera in high school, a sturdy black minolta. i found my gift, my voice, my way to be with the world. after journalism school, i swashbuckled as a photojournalist for over a decade. moved home to norcal to be near family and started a boutique stock photography agency, see jane run. life had other plans. my camera lived mostly in the closet for nine years. last summer working on a film in france and spain, my camera became my friend again. and now, it's like rekindling a long-lost love. now with more wisdom, more freedom. pure joy.
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10 Responses to i dream of jamie (hill)

  1. Kelly says:

    Hill, I loved this entry. What a fantastic, positive dream. You must not have wanted to wake up! We should all channel our inner Jamie’s!

  2. terri says:

    i looked at jamie’s ted talk because i had no idea who he was! i watched the whole thing and some of the other talks on food too. i think you need to make/sponsor a documentary on him…think about it. then invite me to the premier!

  3. Lovely jubbly! Nice to find someone who loves My Jamie as much as I do. I’ve posted so much about him he should have his own page!

  4. hill says:

    smitten … at least his own tag! nice to meet you!

  5. Melanie says:

    Love it! He is very cool, loved how real he was on the show. he did a great job and opened my eyes about lunch foods for the kids!
    thanks for commenting on my blog!

  6. Cynthia Brown says:

    Oh Hill, i had the great honor of dining at Jamie’s restaurant in London many years ago, long before he was the icon he is now. i didn’t meet the god himself, but I did have long lanquid conversations with the very lovely Matt Skinner – Jamie’s sommelier and good (very hot) Australian friend. the whole experiece was equally as good as its made out to be, if not better – yes…i love Jamie too, and all food things that he stands for. 🙂

  7. Ishrath says:

    The dream was good. The intrepretation was better.
    Keep writing.

  8. hill says:

    thanks! weird how this dream is still living in me two days later. quite powerful. a trusted, wise friend said dreaming of water symbolizes the deep unconscious. so this message reached down deep inside me, and that what happens on the unconscious level will eventually manifest on the conscious level. since we can’t control what we dream about, i consider this dream a great gift.

  9. Ross says:

    i didn’t know that you were a great diver. hidden talents ! can you tell me All about them sometime hill?

  10. Leta says:

    Hill, I love that entry. To see and be seen is, well, extraordinary! xo to you.

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