road trip! (hill)

when i was younger, i wanted to do a stint in the peace corps and i wanted to work at club med. big plans. well,  i did work at club med lindeman island on an exclusive island inside the great barrier reef in queensland, australia. (does this mean i’m shallow?) miracle of miracles … somehow, i wrangled myself into a job as a tennis instructor. i hope you can imagine the goodness of an experience like this … champagne at sunset on the 8th hole of the golf course overlooking the blue blue water,

running on the wooded trails unsettling swarms of butterflies, being silly (it’s in the job description) to get the guests to cast off their city-selves and loosen up … the list goes on. we did work insane hours keeping the gms happy … it was like hosting a 6-month-long barbeque.

the best thing that came from my time there was cynthia brown. she’s part of a well-known wine-growing family outside melbourne, she had a serious job in the village in the human resources office, and she was my roommate. besides the wine she generously shared with me, and her willingness to have double slumber parties (don’t let your imagination get too carried away!), she was a wonderful roommate and we’ve been friends ever since.

well guess who’s coming to road trip with me … cynthia!

we’re taking the vw van for a spin on july 1 (to see my 2003 spin, see escape artistry). destination: yosemite, las vegas, grand canyon, zion np, moab, boulder, salt lake city, portland, oregon and california coasts, and everything in between. all in 16 days. whew!

cynthia has been wanting to take up photography, so she’s now well-equipped and ready to rumble. our road trip may be a photo safari of sorts. we’ve both signed up to participate in picture summer and will be learning more about photography and sharing our images along the way. how are you picturing your summer?

internet access depending, i will be blogging in periodically … stay tuned!


About hillarah

my dad gave me my first camera in high school, a sturdy black minolta. i found my gift, my voice, my way to be with the world. after journalism school, i swashbuckled as a photojournalist for over a decade. moved home to norcal to be near family and started a boutique stock photography agency, see jane run. life had other plans. my camera lived mostly in the closet for nine years. last summer working on a film in france and spain, my camera became my friend again. and now, it's like rekindling a long-lost love. now with more wisdom, more freedom. pure joy.
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3 Responses to road trip! (hill)

  1. Joe Atkins says:

    Don’t you girls need a license fir this trip? At least warn the national guard! If you don’t, then I think I’m going to have a chat with Barack, it sounds like too much fun in 16 days, it must be bad for your health.
    Enjoy – sounds amazing

  2. Sino says:

    Amusez-vous!! Profitez de la vie et faites de belles photos!!

  3. hill says:

    thank you joe et merci sino!
    a vous deux: photos a venir … merci de continuer a lire mon blog! ca me chauffe le coeur d’avoir des amis comme vous, lointaines et proche en meme temps. bisous!

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