fall: out with the old, in with the new … website that is!

fall is here, change is in the air. can you feel it? the lazy daze of summer seems long gone. i love summer. love the languidness, the looseness, the sense that these days will go on forever …

fall brings frenzy. somehow we are tuned in to be just little squirrels, scurrying around, busy busy busy, pulling in the loose ends of summer, tightening up the routine …

and here at eyechai, it has been a scene of work work work. culminating in a new website!

you see, wordpress has been very good to us. but. they dumped our “theme” (template) and popped in a new one, without even a peep in advance. one morning i woke up to see our site was all screwed up. i guess you get what you pay for. and we were using the free version of wordpress.

clearly it was time for eyechai to step it up, to get a bit more, shall we say, serious!

our new site is hosted by squarespace. we pay for it. so they won’t change it on us. and i love squarespace!

tell us what you think of our new digs.

we have many new images up in our shop, as prints and greeting cards.

and the galleries are fun to browse through … tell us which images you particularly like, or the ones that don’t speak to you. any and all feedback is welcome! mostly, it’s just so nice to hear from you.

this will be the last post here on wordpress. please visit us regularly at our new site: www.eyechai.com


About hillarah

my dad gave me my first camera in high school, a sturdy black minolta. i found my gift, my voice, my way to be with the world. after journalism school, i swashbuckled as a photojournalist for over a decade. moved home to norcal to be near family and started a boutique stock photography agency, see jane run. life had other plans. my camera lived mostly in the closet for nine years. last summer working on a film in france and spain, my camera became my friend again. and now, it's like rekindling a long-lost love. now with more wisdom, more freedom. pure joy.
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