Hill & Meg, long-time friends with many skills between them,  each knew that change was coming, but they didn’t know what it was.  So they decided to support each other in the new, the scary, and the untried, as a way of having the strength and courage to make an authentic noise in the world.  Holding hands makes everything easier!

Hillary grew up in Marin, and after time spent living in France, Oregon, Greece, Martinique, Missouri, and Florida, chose to return there. She is an enthusiast. What she embraces, she loves with intensity and without reservation. She is an observer. With her camera and her heart she sees the world around her. She is a friend, and draws people to her with her soft energy and consistent care. Once her friend, always her friend. Some of her friends include her dog Daisey, and her cats Rocky and Roux. She is tidy and organized and brings clarity to the world around her. She is a seeker. Looking for the path, both exterior and interior, has brought her many adventures, and will bring her many more.

Meg was born in San Francisco, and after time spent living in L.A., Washington D.C., Washington state, Sweden, Oregon, China, Martinique, Central California, and Florida, chose to return to the Bay Area. She is a problem solver. So much so that she goes looking for problems to solve in the virtual world (room escape games). She is a caretaker. Her mother and father, husband, and two daughters get help and attention from her. She is a teacher, and this has allowed her to be a learner who can take in information and change as a result. She is a consumer of artistic vision, in whatever form she finds it (even on television). There’s not too much she doesn’t like.


2 Responses to About

  1. cynthia brown says:

    both such precious beings adventuring the greatest of all mountains called life. thankyou for sharing. regular visits to eyechai will form part of my soulfood. xoc

  2. David says:

    Hillary! It’s Olivia’s cousin David, here. She told me to look at your entry about the big move. Lovely pictures. Just wanted to say hello!

    You’re also inspiring me to take my own photography more seriously.

    Best wishes,

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